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This is a partner site to www.appleofmyeyephotographynielw.info


This site reflects my life time interest in NATURE, observing and recording with a camera, a long time passion and gathering information about same.


NATURE  is the greatest force on our planet apart from GRAVITY


As Homo sapiens we do well to respect NATURE and its awsome power which is so frequently displayed on land, sea and in the air. It has a natural balance from the microscopic to the largest members of the animal and plant kingdoms which are reflected in the multitiude of eco systems which exist world wide. 

Destroying and spoilng these eco systems  poses the greatest threat to the survival of homo sapiens. 


Commerce and Ecology must work in tandem for the prosperity of this planet EARTH.   


PLANT kingdoms are of special interest  both growing and observing. 


TRAVEL in both UK and mainly EU has allowed one to see many eco systems


ARCHITECTURE new and historical with structures represent some of the best  in craftsmanship.


This website is undergoing a major reconstruction, photographically but about the same subject matter  Oct 2013